The members of our benefice have been active on the web in all sorts of creative ways.  This website aims to bring together all the endeavours of those beople, and to provide a platform where we can continue to share our thoughts and experiences as we grow together.


Here are some links to other web resources constructed by people  of the benefice.

The initial blog entries of this website are blatantly stolen from Alys's original blog.

Here's a site that was originally for St. Lawrence with lots of interesting histroy and practical information about the churches which has grown since we became a united benefice  to reflect the whole benefice.

And were on facebook! A member group and a benefice page.

The distinction between these two facebook places is that the first is where the benefice talks about itself, and the second is a place where parishioners and associates of any of the churches, such as people who have given a concert in one of the churches, or those who do not attend church but care about the buildings, can become members of the group, so that they can give and receive information.


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