This website is a place for all to participate.  The sharing nature of this website cuts both ways...

  • receiving: You can come here to receive all the useful and thought provoking things that others have already contributed
    • many things are restricted from public gaze and require you to be logged into the website.
  • giving: Please share your thoughts, experiences resources, requests and whatever else comes to mind by ...
    • Writing articles for the blog (web log)
    • creating or responding to discussion topics in the various forum categories (these are mostly invisible unless  you are logged into the website)
    • adding web links to other websites

Here's how to create yourself a login id.

Click the "Home" button on the top or side menu bar; look at the bottom left corner of the page (you may need to use the scroll bars to get to the bottom)

Click on the text that says "create an account"

Fill in the form and press "register"

You'll have to wait until a website administrator checks that you have a bona fide reason for accessing the site.  The only reason for not being given an id is if you are up to no good,  apart from that we welcome all with open arms.

You will get an email telling you that your login id has been approved, usually within a few hours. If you haven't heard from us as quickly as you would like, please use the "contact us" menu option to chase us up.

Your password is not stored anywhere in "clear text",  this improves security, but means it can never be sent back to you if you forget it. Should you forget any of your details, use the "Forgot .." options in the login panel, and you will receive an email helping you to get back into the website. We take all steps we can to be secure, but it's probably not best to use your most secure banking passwords etc. for your password for this site.

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