Welcome to the home page of St. Bartholomew's, the parish church of Hyde, the historic suburb just outside the north wall of the old City of Winchester. It was the lay people's church of Hyde Abbey, and was long believed to be the resting place of the remains of King Alfred the Great and his family. It is thought more likely now that these may be in the location of the old Hyde Abbey.

Church opening times. 

The church dates back to 1110 when the Abbey moved to Hyde from its original site north of the Cathedral.

 Within the church you can see our greatest treasures - 5 capitals from the Abbey. Hyde Abbey was dissolved in 1538 and some of its stones were used to build our tower. After the dissolution the church gradually fell into disrepair, until the Victorian era, when it was extensively repaired and a new north aisle added. Our lovely stained glass windows were added between 1856 and 1972, and the fine woodwork is 20th century. Children, look out for the two dogs on the pew-ends in the Lady Chapel! We are also fortunate enough to have some modern works of art by local artists.

 "Font" by Alex Hoare

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