Our benefice was created in 2010 by bringing together two parishes:  “St Bartholomew, Hyde” and “St Lawrence with St Swithun-upon-Kingsgate”. Hyde parish is to the north of the city centre, outside the old city walls, and St Lawrence with St Swithun parish is the southern half of the city centre, except for the Cathedral grounds.

St Bartholomew's parish

St Bartholomew Church was built in the early 12th century as the parish church of the village of Hyde, serving the tenants and lay officials of the large Benedictine monastery of Hyde Abbey.  The abbey was dissolved in May 1539.  Over the centuries, as new houses were built, the parish was extended northwards to include them, so that now its population is about 6,000.  Within the parish are two schools (St Bede’s C of E Primary, and Osborne, a secondary school providing special needs education), the city council's Leisure Centre, three pubs, two nursing homes and sheltered housing for old people. There are many young families in the parish and for them we offer Messy Church on the third Saturday of every month in the Parish Hall, and  a Family Service on the first Sunday of every month at 9.30. 

The Ministry Team are always available to bring holy communion to the house-bound, and communion services can be organised in care homes.

Here is a map of St Bartholomew parish with the location of the church.

St Lawrence and St Swithun parish

The modern parish of St Lawrence with St Swithun is the result of amalgamations, over the years, of several former parishes.  It comprises the southern half of the ancient walled city of Winchester (except the Cathedral area), with an extension to the south to include the former parish of St Michael, whose church is officially part of our parish but is now used only by Winchester College as a secondary chapel.  Also within the parish are St Thomas church in Southgate Street, now closed and used as offices, and the sites of other churches including St Maurice, whose tower still stands in Market Lane, and old St Thomas, of which only the churchyard remains as the garden of two houses in St Thomas Street. We are very conscious of our role as a city centre parish, and St Lawrence church is open to provide a peaceful space for busy workers and shoppers in the city centre. With the United Church, another city centre church, we organise the Space in the City Wednesday lunch-time talks on spiritual matters.

Here is a map of the parish with the locations of St Lawrence, St Swithun and St Michael churches.

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